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the newest ( & best ) player to the web design game

Our mission

have you ever looked at a website and thought (1), wow! that’s a nice site they’ve got there.  and (2) i bet it cost them loads of money.

well here at threesixty web, we want to make people think about (1), but not (2) why should amazing sites cost loads? they shouldn’t. 

Save time

we can get your brand-new site ready in 1-2 weeks, depending on the complexity


your website will be tailor-made to your needs and design requests

Mobile friendly

with mobile traffic increasing, every site should be 100% responsive.

See our values

Find the answers you need right here

we are threesixty web. we create awesome websites for everyone; at an affordable price. do we need to say anymore?

we will be friendly, approachable and extremely good at what we do. simple.

we want every company to have an amazing website they can brag about and to gain visitors or whatever their goal is. they shouldn’t be limited by their budget.

a digital agency focused on building your brand, website and customer base

We’re helping everyone create awesome websites

  • super fast
  • seo friendly
  • nottingham based
  • affordable
  • well designed

our packages and services

easily explained in the table below

the simple


  • best for small businesses
  • super fast
  • few pages
  • seo friendly

the seller


  • ecommerce ready
  • super fast
  • many pages for products etc
  • seo friendly
  • discounts & email campaigns
  • IP restrictions
  • easy to use backend

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